Les danses de 2015 - 2016

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Bonnes révisions

Débutants 1ère année

Nom Chorégraphe Interprète Musique
A fine place to start Robbie Halvorson Sara Evans A real fine place to start
AB whirl Val Myers

Eddy Raven


Tanya Tucker

Too much candy for a dime

If I don't come easy

All about a woman Maggie Gallagher Easton Corbin Don't ask me about a woman

An absolute dream

Joyce Plaskett Rosanne Cash Land of dreams
Andalouse  Fabien Régoli Kendji Girac  Andalouse 
Bullfrog on a log Cef Decaney Tim Hicks feat Blackjack Billy  Gotta feeling
Canadian Stroll Bill Bader Alan Jackson  When love comes around  
Celtic Autumn  Anne Montigny Ronan Hardiman  Dance of love
Country as can be Suzanne Wilson Brady Seals

Country as a boy can be

Cowboy Madison David Linger Chris Anderson Last Night
Cowboy strut   Tracy Bird I'm from the country

Go cat go

Gaye Teather  The Blue Moon Rockers  Please Mama Please
Heyday tonight Séverine Fillion  Aaron Watson  Heyday tonight
Joana Xose Massotti Don Williams Come early morning
Johnny come lately Peter Jones & Anna Lockwood Steve Earle Johnny come lately
Lindy shuffle  Jane Smee

The Bellamy brothers


I need more of you


Shackles Jo Thompson Szymanski

Nick Lowe


Half a boy & half a man

Shore Thing  Eddie Huffman Luke Bryan Shore thing
Upside down Magali Chabret Dean Brody Upside down
We only live once Anna Korsgaard & Kirsthen Hansen Shannon Noll We only live once
Western Barn dance (C) Dick Matteis & Geneva Owsley Shania Twain Whose bed have your shoes been under


Débutants 2ème année


      Nom            Chorégraphe     Interprète             Musique
American kids Randy Pelletier Kenny Chesney American kids
City lights Adriano Castagnoli Deric Ruttan City lights
Closer Mary Kelly Susan Ashton Closer
Cumbia Semana  Ira Weisburd Fito Olivares Fin de semana
It's alright Adriano Castagnoli  Aaron Watson  Fish
Little rock Linda Sansoucy Rodney Crowell Paralysed
Makita Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Jamie O'Neal Just one time
Monday for two (C)

Jocelyne Milliville /


Lorrie Morgan Except for monday
My new life John Offermans The Lennerocker High class Lady
Peligrosa Ria Vos Javier Rios Peligrosa
Pizzirico Dynamite Dot The Mavericks Pizzirico
Rock 'n roll is king Marie Sorensen Electric light Orchestra  Rock 'n roll is king
Something I missed Severine Fillion Kenny Chesney Must be Something I missed 
Such a fool Niels Poulsen Jason Donovan A fool such as I 
Summer fly Geoffrey Rothwell Hayley Westenra  Summer fly
Sunday Driver  Kathy Heller Blue County  Sunday Driver 
Tag On  David Villellas  Beccy Cole  Too strong to break 
Text me Texas  Rob Fowler  Chris Young  Text me Texas 
Two hell and back  Rob Fowler & Kate Sala Rodney Atkins  If you're going through hell
Whatcha Reckon Annie Corthésy  Josh Turner  Whatcha Reckon
Why wait Alexis Strong  Rascall Flatts  Why Wait 


Nom Chorégraphe Interprète            Musique         
Big rock West rock group Scott Manery  Working on forever
Bring down the house  Stephane Cormier & Denis Henley Dean Brody Bring down the house
Chacha Mc Coy Nicola Lafferty Neal McCoy I know you
Corn don't grow Tina Argyle Travis Tritt Where corn don't grow
Flying home Gaye Teather Nathan Carter Home to Aherlow
Good luck girl Tina Argyle Nathan Carter Good luck to the girl
Homegrown Rachael McEnaney Zac Brown Band Homegrown
It's alright Adriano Castagnoli Aaron Watson Fish
Jet black Pontiac Arnaud Marraffa Chase Bryant Jet black Pontiac
Just a girl Arnaud Marraffa & Severine Fillion Lady Antebellum Just a girl
Lake d'Arbonne David Villellas Katie Knight Lake d'Arbonne
Late express Silvia Denise Staiti Daniel Lee Martin Then it hits you
Lay low Darren Bailey Josh Turner Lay low
Million dollar Adriano Castagnoli Stoney LaRue Million dollar blues
Monday for Two Jocelyne Milliville / Jojocountry Lorrie Morgan Except for monday
Overrated Alisson Biggs & Peter Mettelnick Tim McGrow Overrated
Pavement Ends Gudrun Schneider & Florida Friends Little Big Town Where the pavement ends
Peligrosa Ria Vos Javier Rios Peligrosa
Petit Tiago David Villellas Rob Wilson I think I like it here
Recto Verso Montana Country show Fiona Culley Something to die for
Runaway Stefano Civa Dean Brody Sunday Drive
Sweet Dummy Montse Chafino The McClymonts Shotgun
Swing to the radio Severin Fillion Bart Crow Swing to the radio
Telepathy Chris Hodgson Toby Keith You can't read my mind
Tell the World Robbie McGowan Hickie Eric Hutchinson Tell the world
The boat to Liverpool Ross Brown Nathan Carter On the boat to Liverpool
To be in Love Severine Fillion Dean Brody Love would be enough
Train of Dreams The Dreamers Walt Wilkins Trains I missed
Why Wait Alexis Strong Rascall Flatts Why wait


Nom Chorégraphe Interprète           Musique     
 Anyway Bruno Moggia Chancey Williams   She loves me anyway
Back to the roots  Joe Oçafrain  Derek Ryan  Love me tonight 
Big rock  West rock group  Scott Manery  Working on forever 
Bring down the house  Stephane Cormier & Denis Henley  Dean Brody  Bring down the house 
Cheer up  Magali Lebrun  Kyle Bennett  Pills 
Come over  Algaly & Manu Santos  Kenny Chesney  Come over 
Corn don't grow  Tina Argyle  Travis Tritt  Where corn don't grow 
Cost me  The Teachers  Dayron Sharp  Cost me everything 
Dreamers  Two of us  Derek Ryan  Dreamers and believers 
Everybody else can kiss my ass   Severine Fillion Sunny Seeney  Everybody else can kiss my ass 
Four thousand (4000)  David Villellas  Kirsty Lee Akers  I Ain't your white picket fence girl 
Go Crazy  Strikes  Dylan Scott  Makin this boy go crazy 
Good luck girl  Tina Argyle  Nathan Carter  Good luck to the girl 

In my heart 

Magali Lebrun  Paul Overstreet  Ball and Chain 

Like a Memory

Mario & Lilly Hollsteinen   The Nada Cowboys  I can't sleep 


The Southern gang  Lee Matthews  Mirror on the wall 

Messed up in Memphis

Dee Musk  Darryl Worley  Messed up in Memphis 

Mystery Machine

Motor country catalan band  Mac Kenzie Porter  Wherever you go 

Mountain Man

Bruno Morel Dean Brody  Mountain Man 


Silvia Denise Staiti  Aaron Watson  Getaway Truck 
Overrated  Alisson Biggs & Peter Metelnick  Tim McGrow  Overrated 
Petit Tiago David Villellas  Rob Wilson  I think I like it here 
Sweet Dummy Montse Chafino  The McClymonts  Shotgun 
Tanja Claude Mela  Nathan Carter  Where did I go wrong 
Terrible's Girls Girls meeting  Damon Grey  Terribles Two
To be Continued David Villellas & Silvia Denise Staiti    Derek Ryan One good night 
Underdog  Adriano Castagnoli  Aaron Watson  The Underdog