Les danses de 2017 - 2018

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Débutants 1ère année



Nom Chorégraphe Interprète       Musique
2 more bottles   S Fillion & TexasVal Emmylou Harris  2 more bottles of wine
An absolute dream Joyce Plaskett Rosanne Cash Land of dreams
Beautiful day Gaye Teather   Dave Sheriff A beautiful day 
Best Adventure Johnny GMRossato Leaving Thomas Best adventure
Bullfrog on a log Cef Decaney Tim Hicks ft Blackjack Billy Gotta feeling
Canadian stroll Bill Bader Alan Jackson When love comes around
Cowboy Madison David Linger Chris Anderson Last Night
Dear future husband Jocelyne Soullier Meghan Trainor Dear future husband
Doin'me wrong Chrystel Durand Ray Scott

Doin'me wrong

Green Earth Séverine Fillion M Callahan 

God's green earth

Hey girl Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Mo Pitney Come do a little life
Honey I'm good AB Suzi Beau Andy Grammer Honey I'm good
Little wagon Wheel Gaye teather Nathan Carter Wagon Wheel
Old Love Cathy Dumoulin Rory Daniels & Dee Reilly It's an old love thing
Twist & shake   Sylvie Roy Neal McCoy  The shake 

Débutants 2ème année


      Nom             Chorégraphe  Interprète             Musique
2 More Bottles Séverine Fillion & Valérie Del Campo (TexasVal) Emmylou Harris 2 more bottles of wine 
American farmer Jérôme Grodkowski Charlie Allen American farmer
Another country Bruno Morel Rod Stewart Another country
Chop Montse Sweet Chafino Maddie & Tae Shut up and fish
Closer  Mary Kelly  Suzan Ashton Closer 
Darlene Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner T Graham Brown Darlene
Easy way David Villellas Bill Yates Just be you
Free time  Adriano Castagnoli Sister Hazel I believe in you
Happy happy happy Maria Angeles Mateu Simon Dean Brody Soggy bottom summer
Hold the line Arnaud Marraffa Stuart Moyles Hold the line
Little Joe Bruno Morel  Lee Matthews Cotton eyed Joe
Not yet the time Jérôme Grodkowski Garth Brooks Much too young
Rockland  Adriano Castagnoli  Sam Outlaw  Trouble
Three teachers Araceli Capitan, David Villellas & Montse Sweet Chafino  The Washboard Union Head over heels 



Nom Chorégraphe Interprète            Musique         
Chasing down a good time  Dan Albro   Randy Houser   Chasing down a  good time
Chuck & Cowboy  Texas Val  Dan Davidson  Found
Country's smile  The Dreamers  Tony Ramey  I'll call you
Easy way  David Villellas  Billy Yates Just be you
Honest  Christiane Favilliers  Blake Shelton  If I'm honest
Little Joe   Bruno Morel  Lee Matthews  Cotton eyed Joe 
Once upon a time  Virginie Barjaud  Buddy Jewell  You ain't doing it   right
Strong bounds   S Fillion & B Moggia  Dwight Yoakam  Long Goodbye
Texas Valley  (Partner)  Sara Aguilera & Marta    Lucena  Coyote Dax  Rock on


Novices +


Nom Chorégraphe Interprète            Musique         
Broken Bridges  Claude Mela  Jasmine Rae Broken bridges 
 Country roads Partner  Igor Pasin John Denver   Country roads
Holly's Church

Mario  & Lilly Hollnsteiner

 Home Free/Marren Morris  My Church
Nancy Mulligan Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly  Ed Sheeran  Nancy Mulligan
Peaches and nuts Silvia Denise Staiti  Nathan Carter   Caribbean feeling
Time to dance Jérôme Grodkowski   Cliona Hagans  1 2 3 4





Nom Chorégraphe Interprète           Musique     
10 Year beer Silvia Denise Staiti & Bruno Moggia  Cameran Nelson  Beer lease
About me Silvia Denise Staiti  Lizzie Sider  How bout me
Blowing David Villellas Holly Spears This little light of mine
Cheaper Bruno Moggia Thom Shepherd Cheaper to keep her
Country road Partner Igor Pasin John Denver Country road take me home


The Abrams Fine

Bruno Moggia

Chancey Williams Authority song
Headin' West 

7 chorégraphes

Dale Stephenson Headin'West

Adriano Castagnoli 

 Stuart Moyles Jessie 
No room for Mercy

TexasVal Del Campo

Bleu Edmondsson No room for Mercy

Manu & Algaly

O.A.R. Jessie
Saturday Night  Jérôme Grodkowski  Mary Chapin Carpenter  Down at the twist & shout
Sweet eyes  Montse Sweet Chafino & David Villellas  Ritchie Remo Don't close your eyes 
TH-guest ranch (Thelma House)  David Villellas & Montse Chafino Lisa McHugh  Girl with the fishing rod 

Intermédiaires +


Nom Chorégraphe Interprète           Musique     
Always late  Silvia Denise Staiti Dallas Smith  Always in late 
Friends   Ambros Sillero  Bryan Adams  You've been a friend to me 
From A to Z  Silvia D Staiti  Kenny Chesney Trip around the sun
Pretty Western  Johnny  The McClymonts Here's to you and I
Recreation land Teo Lattanzio Tristan Horncastle Recreation land
Shot of Glory  Teo Lattanzio  The Washboard Union Shot of glory